An Interdisciplinary Research Society


(RSRI BMC 2019)
4th and 5th October 2019
Organized by

Department of English and other Foreign Languages, SRMIST
REST Society for Research International


1. Winner will get Rs.10,000 cash award with best manager trophy and certificate.
2. Top 10 winner will get best manager trophy and certificate.


* The Competition consists of 4 rounds (Presentation, Group Discussion, Rapid fire round and Role Play.) winner will be selected based on the sum of marks scored in each rounds.
* The decision of the Judges is final and incontestable.
* Organizers reserve the right to change the Timelines and rules.

Presentation (20 Marks)

Every Participant will be given 15 min for PPT Presentation (participant will choose any interesting current topic). Evaluation is based on PPT Content, flow, and clarity of presentation and confidence level.

Group Discussion (20 Marks)

For group discussion, All the participants will be grouped (5-7 participants per group) and different topics are given for each group and the evaluation is done based on the following points.
Flexibility: Openness to another person's ideas and also being open to the evaluation of one's own ideas. To stay flexible in a group discussion, try to create a framework and avoid taking a stand in the beginning.
Assertiveness: Being assertive is all about being positive, confident and emphatic.
Initiative: initiate only if one is well versed with the topic and is confident enough to take a lead by showing the group some direction.
Creativity/Out of the box thinking: An idea or perspective that opens new horizons for a discussion on the topic is highly appreciated.
Inspiring ability: Should incorporate the views of all team members.
Listening: There should be a balance between the expression of your ideas and imbibing the ideas of others.
Awareness:  awareness about environment helps a lot in GD content, which carries maximum weight.

Rapid-fire round (20 Marks)

Every participant will get 20 simple multiple-choice questions and they have to choose the answers within 4 minutes. Each right answer will get 1 mark.

Role Play (40 Marks)

Every participant will be given a briefing document that outlines the scenario and your objectives and will be given 2 minutes to read. role-play is always in pair (one dominant and one dependent). At the end of the role-play, the participant will be evaluated based on the following points.
1) Understanding brief: Fully understand what is expected of you during this exercise. What role are you being asked to assume? Be absolutely clear on what you are being asked to do before you attempt it.
2) list of questions: There is always lots of information that isn’t included in the brief and it’s your job to uncover and address it. Some details are deliberately omitted as this ensures the role-play has headroom to develop and also allows the assessors to see if the candidate can think on their feet.
3) bookends: Having a pre-planned opening statement (just a few sentences) will help you settle down and relax into the exercise and also ensure you make a confident first impression on the assessor. Similarly, a strong closing statement will wrap things up well and leave a favourable lasting impression of you. Bookends add a welcome element of professional sheen to your performance, so don’t overlook them!
4)  flexible: Having a clear plan before you begin the role-play exercise is essential but it’s equally as important that the activity unfolds as naturally as possible, so don’t formulate a rigid plan and expect things to pan out exactly as you have written on your piece(s) of paper. The conversation should be allowed to flow wherever it needs to go (this is one of the key indicators of a role-play that is going well).
5) Be relaxed, natural & confident: This is easy to say and difficult to do, but it’s vital to your success.  how you react to unexpected circumstances, so keep things natural and relaxed and you will greatly increase your chances of reacting well.

Registration Details

*Participants has to pay Rs. 1000 as registration cost (UG, PG and Ph.D. Scholars).
*Registration cost includes (Lunch & Tea for two days; Participant certificate and participant kit ).
*Last date of registration is 25 Sep 2019.

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Mrs. S. Savitha: 9994023163

Mrs. S. Sylviya: 9944001212

Email: [email protected]

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