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One Week FDP on Statistical Analysis for Research in SPSS Workshop

One Week FDP on Statistical Analysis for Research in SPSS Workshop (Online Mode)     
09 - 13 August 2021

                                   Organized by                                         
REST Society for Research International (RSRI)     

About the Workshop

All Registered participants will get both Soft copy and Hard copy  Course Completion Certificate and those who got 50℅ scores in the final online Exam will get Qualified the Exam certificate and Topperswill get Topper in  Exam certificate and lifetime membership of RSRI Society. Participants once paid and registered through google form will be added to the WhatsApp group of Workshop within 12 hours from the time of registration. All the instructions, the link of Prerecorded videos, the link of the Mock exam, the link of the final exam, and the link for downloading the Softcopy certificate will be shared through the WhatsApp group only. There will not be any email confirmations. All queries will also be addressed through WhatsApp (WhatsApp no: 9025493434) only. Participants can use the WhatsApp group discussion platform for asking the questions related to lectures and all valid questions will be addressed through a video.

Schedule of workshop

The workshop is scheduled from 10am-4 pm from 09/08/2021 (Monday) to (13/08/2021 (Friday). However, participants can watch videos in their convenient time(since it is pre-recorded) and give the mock exam as per their Convenient time.

Day 1(09/08/2021)
10.00-10.15am: Registration
10.15-10.45am: SPSS basics part 1
10.45-11.15am: SPSS basics part 2
11.15-11.30am: Tea Break
11.30-12.00pm: Setting up SPSS Worksheet
12.00-12.30pm: T test - SPSS Part 1
12.30-01.30pm: lunch
01.30-02.00pm: T test - SPSS Part 2
02.00-02.30pm: T test - SPSS Part 3
02.30-03.00pm: T test - SPSS Part 4
03.00-03.30pm: WhatsApp group Discussion
03.30-04.00pm: Mock online test

Day 2(10/08/2021)
10.00-10.30am: Data visualization in SPSS Part 1
11.00-11.30am: Data visualization in SPSS Part 2
11.30-11.45am: Tea Break
11.45-12.15pm: Data visualization in SPSS Part 3
12.15-12.45pm: Data visualization in SPSS Part 4
12.45-01.45pm: lunch
01.45-02.30pm: Data visualization in SPSS Part 5
02.30-03.00pm: Chi Square Test
03.00-03.30pm: WhatsApp group Discussion
03.30-04.00pm: Mock online test

Day 3(11/08/2021)
10.00-10.30am: ANOVA in SPSS Part 1
10.30-11.00am: ANOVA in SPSS Part 2
11.00-11.15am: Tea Break
11.15-11.45am: ANOVA in SPSS Part 3
11.45-12.15pm: Mann Whitney U Test
12.15-01.15pm: lunch
01.15-01.45pm: Kruskal Wallis Test
01.45-02.15pm: Wilcoxon Signed Rank Sum Test
02.15-03.00pm: Factor Analysis
03.00-03.30pm: WhatsApp group Discussion
03.30-04.00pm: Mock online test

Day 4(12/08/2021)
10.00-10.40am: Introduction to Correlation Analysis
10.40-11.15am: Pearson Correlation
11.15-11.45am: Tea Break
11.45-12.15pm: Spearman and Kendal's Tau Correlation
12.15-01.15pm: lunch
01.15-01.45pm: Point Biserial Correlation
01.45-02.30pm: Regression Analysis Part 1
02.30-03.00pm: Regression Analysis Part 2
03.00-03.30pm: WhatsApp group Discussion
03.30-04.00pm: Mock online test

Day 5 (13/08/2021)
10.00-10.20am: Regression Analysis Part 3
10.20-10.45am: Univariate Regression
10.45-11.15am: Multivariate Regression
11.15-11.30am: Tea Break
11.30-11.45am: Ordinal Regression
11.45-12.30pm: Artificial Neural Network part 1
12.30-1.30pm: lunch
01.30-02.00pm: Artificial Neural Network part 2
02.00-02.30pm: Radial Basis Function Network
02.30-03.00pm: Tea Break
03.00-04.00pm: Final Exam online test
04.00-05.00pm: Feedback

Day 6 (14/08/2021)
03.00-04.00pm: Re Exam online test

Every day there will be mock exam (10 MCQ) which is only for Mock Test. The final Qualifying exam (40 MCQ) will be on 13/08/2021 (Friday) and if anyone missing the final exam orelse they need more time to prepare for exam then they can give an exam along with re-exam participants without any additional charges. If any participants want to go for Re-exam to improve the score, then he/she have to pay Rs. 80/.

Resource Person

Dr. Ranjan Ghadai, Asst. Prof., Sikkim Manipal University, Sikkim
Dr. Kanak Kalita, Asst. Prof., VelTech University, Chennai.

Important Dates

Last Date of Registration: 08/08/2021.
Result Declaration: 16/08/2021.
Distribution of  Softcopy certificate: 17/08/2021.
Distribution of Hardcopy Certificate: 03/09/2021.

Registration Cost
For RSRI Member - Rs. 100.
For Non-RSRI Member - Rs.150
Registration costs can be paid through Paytm, Google Pay, and Phonepe with mobile no 9025493434.

Bank details:
Account name: M. Murugammal
Account no: 35324345531
Bank: State Bank of India, Kaveripattinam
IFSC code: SBIN0007463


Interested person can register for the workshop through below google form

Contact us
Email: [email protected];
Mob: 9025493434, 9168882316;
WhatsApp: 6381995134, 8056352316