Material Engineering STTP

One Week STTP on  Material Science and Engineering                                  22-27 June 2020 (Online Mode)

                                           Organized by                                                           REST Society for Research International (RSRI)                                    

About the Workshop

All Registered participants will get both Soft copy and Hard copy  Course Completion Certificate and those who got 60℅ scores in the final online Exam will get Qualified the Exam certificate and Topperswill get Topper in  Exam certificate and lifetime membership of RSRI Society. Participants once paid and registered through google form will be added to the WhatsApp group of Workshop within 12 hours from the time of registration. All the instructions, the link of Prerecorded videos, the link of the Mock exam, the link of the final exam, and the link for downloading the Softcopy certificate will be shared through the WhatsApp group only. There will not be any email confirmations. All queries will also be addressed through WhatsApp (WhatsApp no: 9025493434) only. Participants can use the WhatsApp group discussion platform for asking the questions related to lectures and all valid questions will be addressed through a video.

Schedule of workshop

The workshop is scheduled in the evening time from 4-7 pm from 22/06/2020 (Monday) to (27/06/2020 (Saturday). However, participants can watch videos(since it is pre-recorded) and give the mock exam as per their Convenient time. Every day 2 hours lecture, 30 minutes for WhatsApp group discussion, and 30 minutes for the mock exam (10 MCQ). The final Qualifying exam (40 MCQ) will be on 27/06/2020 (Saturday) from 6-7 pm and if anyone missing the final exam then you can give an exam along with re-exam participants without any additional charges. If any participants want to go for Re-exam to improve the score, then he/she have to pay Rs. 80/.

Course Content

Introduction to material science and Engineering
Mechanical Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Morphological analysis
Thin-film coating
Introduction Nano-technology
Nanoindentation and Nano scratch techniques
Composite Materials
Smart Materials

Resource Person

Dr.Jyoti G. Koliyar Jatinder Das, Department of Environmental Science
SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science, and Commerce, NaviMumbai, Maharashtra.
Dr. J. S. BINOJ, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College (Autonomous), Tirupati 

Important Dates

Last Date of Registration: 20/06/2020.
Result Declaration: 29/06/2020.
Distribution of  Softcopy certificate: 5/07/2020.
Distribution of Hardcopy Certificate: 30/07/2020 (Due to lockdown).


Interested person can register for the workshop through below google form