REST Society for Research International

REST Society for Research International (RSRI) is an interdisciplinary professional society is created by a group of the researcher in the various area of specializations across the world. The RSRI came into existence on February 28, 2009, thanks to the farsighted vision of founder members and laid the foundation for its impressive growth of the society. RSRI is sponsored by Ramachandra Educational and Sports Trust and supported by individual members. RSRI recognizes contributions to research through various Distinguished Awards. RSRI co-sponsors the various publication published by the REST Publishers.

RSRI is designed to stimulate the accelerated growth of  research and development of a wide range of areas through its following objectives:
• To promote active interactions among researchers, scientists, and others who are engaged in basic or applied research.
• To encourage to work in all areas of vital interest to human society and thus contribute to societal well-being and prosperity.
• To support research and development and innovations which improves human well being and preserve the earth.
• To develop knowledge banks and disseminate knowledge through training, workshops, seminars, publications, films and other appropriate means.
• To foster excellence and creativity and provide recognition of significant contributions of individuals, groups, and organizations in research.
• To motivate interactions internationally with societies and organizations engaged in research.